Friday, 22 July 2016


The Melbourne tramway network is a major form of public transport in Melbourne. As of June 2011, the network consisted of 250 km of track, 487 trams, 30 routes, and 1,763 tram stops. It is the largest urban tramway network in the world, ahead of the networks in St. Petersburg (240 km), Berlin (190 km), Moscow (181 km) and Vienna (172 km). Trams are the second most used form of public transport in overall boardings in Melbourne after the commuter railway network, with a total of 182.7 million passenger trips—a 4.2% year-on-year patronage decline—in the 2012–2013 year.

Trams have operated continuously in Melbourne since 1884, with the opening of a horse tram line in Fairfield. Since then they have become a distinctive part of Melbourne's character and feature in tourism and travel advertising. Melbourne's cable tram system opened in 1885, and expanded to one of the largest in the world. The first electric tram line opened in 1889, but closed only a few years later in 1894. In 1906 electric tram systems were opened in St Kilda and Essendon, marking the start of continuous operation of Melbourne's electric trams. Here are a couple of trams on Bourke St, mid-city.

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  1. I bet St Petersburg and Moscow have terrific tram systems, but I love Melbourne, Berlin and Vienna's most of all. We could be flown in from Mars in a blindfold, and would recognise Melbourne instantly.. on arrival.


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