Sunday 30 April 2017


Preston Market is the second largest market in Melbourne selling fresh produce, clothing and homewares with a variety of restaurants and food stalls; it attracts over 80,000 visitors per week.

Construction on the Preston Market began in October 1969 when Preston Mayor W. K. Larkins drove home the first stake in the site of the former Broadhurst Tannery.    The original investment in the site was $2 million.

The market opened in 1970 and by 1976 the market had grown to include 46 green grocers, 15 delicatessens, 4 fish shops, 4 poultry shops, 19 butchers and a variety of small goods shops including toys, clothes, carpets, plants, and sporting goods.

In 2004 the owners of Preston Market, Centro MCS, sold the property to Salta Properties for $36.75 million.   The new company plans to renovate the site.

On February 27 2017, Darebin council voted to reject an application by Preston Market Developments (owned by Salta Properties and Medich Corporation), to build three residential towers - one of 14 storeys and two of 10 storeys with a total of 300 apartments and ground floor retail outlets - on part of what is currently a market car park on Murray Road.

But the developers have announced they will appeal the decision in VCAT. Salta managing director Sam Tarascio​ said Darebin councillors went against expert advice to the council that the development was consistent with its planning for Preston.

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  1. I would like to eat and buy there a lot of foods.

  2. What a cool place to spend the day! Sometimes, you should just leave things as they are, but I'm sure that won't happen.

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  4. i hope the developers don't win, i live visiting market halls like this, don't think I've been to a market like this though for a good few years


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