Wednesday, 26 April 2017


We had a wet and miserable day of heavy rain and wild winds yesterday, and then even more today. Melburnians are being warned by the Bureau of Meteorology that the winter drenching is to continue.  After downpours, hail and stormy weather this morning, there were evening showers and rain over the city’s eastern suburbs, with local hail and winds of up to 30km/h. Melbourne’s drenching is promising to continue through the week, with the bureau forecasting rain every day this week. With the taste of the winter ahead, top temperatures are not expected to rise above 18˚C before early next week, before dropping to a low of 7˚C.

Here is the Darebin Creek at Fairfield showing the masses of water coming down and inundating the flats of the banks. The volume of water and the strength of the current were quite remarkable!

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  1. We need rain of course and I don't mind if the dams totally fill up in June, July and August. But deluges in late April are unwanted and miserable.

  2. WOAH! You must have had an amazing amount of rain.
    Be safe!
    Thanks for sharing at

  3. That looks like a lot of rushing water



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