Thursday 21 December 2017


Today, at 4.42 pm, a 4-wheel drive vehicle attack on a busy pedestrian crossing in Melbourne’s Flinders Street (at the T-intersection with Elizabeth St) left 19 people in hospital, six of them critically injured. A pre-school-aged child who was injured with severe head trauma is now stable.

Police have announced that they believe this attack was the work of a mentally ill drug addict and it is not being treated as terrorism. The driver is thought to be a mentally ill man with a history of addiction to the drug ice. It is understood he has no known links to extremism and is not known to counter-terrorism authorities.

A second man pictured arrested at the scene was unconnected to the attack. He was video-taping the incident and was arrested because police found three knives in a bag in his possession. No other weapons were found in the offender’s car, the vehicle itself of course being weapon enough in the driver’s control.

In these days right before Christmas there will be many households in our city that will be affected by this horrible act of violence. The families and friends of the victims first and foremost of course, but also the family of the offender who must grieving not only for their child but for all those he injured. Add to them every other rational human being who observes this and similar senseless acts of violence and cannot help but feel revulsion, abhorrence and outrage.

All we Melburnians feel rather numb seeing this is the second incident of this type that has occurred in our city this year. On January 20 earlier this year, a car running wild in the Bourke St mall caused the death of six people and injured 28 others. The driver, Jim Gargasoulas 27 years old was charged but has pleaded “not guilty”, his defence being “mental illness”.

Our city is changing, our world is changing, people are changing and I’m afraid that things are not changing for the better. Melbourne was a beautiful city, its people mostly friendly, courteous and law-abiding. In the last 30 years we have seen Melbourne, The Large Modern City – the Most Livable City in the World slowly becoming Melbourne the Post-Modern Megalopolis: Overcrowded, noisy, congested, riddled with crime, corruption, and home of violence related to drugs, mental illness, homelessness, racial tensions, and the ever-present threat of terrorism hanging above our heads.

We have created a monster by allowing our city to become this. Corporate and individual greed, political expediency, public insouciance and a misguided desire to be a “World City” has brought us here. Now we pay the price. Melbourne you have come of age, now you belong there with all the other megalopoleis of the world. Megalomania deserves its own special reward - the loss of soul. I hope against hope that this incident is the last that we shall see, but logic says otherwise - more such incidents are to follow, I think...

My Melbourne is no longer Fresh, and I can no longer post a Daily beautiful offering in a city that is becoming increasingly more and more dehumanized. I still live here because this is my home and I shall try to find pockets of sanity to insulate myself from the increasing madness of the city. I shall try to still find beauty where I can, and continue to associate myself with people who are rational, open-minded, tolerant, charitable and altruistic. I shall continue to try to change my world for the better in any way I can. It is becoming more and more difficult...

This is the last entry for Melbourne Fresh Daily. Thank you to all the loyal followers and readers who have accompanied me here since 11/11/2011. It’s been quite the ride.

My best wishes to you and your loved ones for a peaceful Christmas and a calmer, better, saner 2018.


  1. This is horrible. One can only hope for the best. Stay Strong

    Big Hugs

  2. Nicholas, this was a tragic occurrence and my heart goes out to everyone whose life was changed by this incident. I am sorry to hear you are no longer keeping this blog running. Although I didn't often comment, I am one of your regular readers and have appreciated your lovely photography, wealth of topics and your subtle humour. Please do not give up on humanity, there are huge numbers of good people doing wonderful things for each demented crackpot out there. Many thanks and best wishes to you and your family. XOX

  3. Your photos and blog posts are a daily salve to me - and I'm sure many others! Having lived in Melbourne for the last 20 years, I'd agree that the city has changed massively, and not always for the better, but don't let the (social) media blind you to the beauty that you capture in your photos and feel when surrounded by friends and family. I hope u change your mind, but if not at least know that you will be missed. Tim.

  4. Nicholas: Your daily blog was something I looked forward to and derived much enjoyment from. Sure, this incident was a meaningless, violent and shocking act, but do take heart that there are still great people around and they are the reason for us to keep on doing what we each do to keep our society functioning and ensure our families are safe and happy. I am really sorry to hear that you will not blog here anymore. Please reconsider that decision, perhaps in the New Year. Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  5. saw the news about the vehicle attack.been following your blog for some time.can never forget your sunset photos.hope you can enjoy christmas.

  6. Only just read this Nick and so sorry to hear you feel like stopping. Can understand though. I agree with all the comments above, evidence that you have really established a loyal and appreciative following. All I can say is ....παρακαλώ μην πηγαίνετε, δεν θέλουμε να φύγεις...παρακαλώ επανεξετάσει. Ελπίζω να το κάνετε..., ευχαριστούμε πολύ, Χριστίνα

  7. Nicholas: Although I don't comment often, I read your blog regularly and delight in the beautiful photos you post. The tragic event you describe here is unfortunately becoming more and more common in this crazy world we live in. Unfortunately, there are fanatics and demented people everywhere who spoil this beautiful earth for everyone else. I don;t think you should let this event dispirit and dishearten you. It is people like you that make the world worthwhile and your words and photos are a light that burns and provides hope, joy and pleasure for many around the world. In its own way your blog is a slap in the face of all those mad and evil people who make the world horrible and ugly. Keep blogging and in your own way fight evil and darkness. Melbourne is still a city that is very beautiful and you will keep on finding beauty to share with others because there is beauty in your mind and heart.

  8. dont let the negative people and events fill your life with poison
    you are a positive person and what you did in this blog proves it
    reconsider your decision to stop publishing
    if you start blogging here again i am sure many many people will benefit and derive pleasure from it
    all the best to you and yours whatever your decision will be

  9. I can identify most with BarbViel's comment above. This is a beautiful blog and your words and photos were a source of enjoyment for me and my family. It would be a pity to let the rotten apples in the crate spoil the good ones. Throw out the bad apples, don't throw out the good.
    Hope you reconsider and blog here again.....


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