Monday 4 December 2017


The rain and cold continue and it's very hard to imagine we are just beginning our Summer here in Melbourne. We had to turn the space heater on today, especially after venturing out in a short break from the rain showers, only to be drenched by a downpour a few minutes later. Although the "Stormaggedon" predicted by the Bureau of Meteorology didn't really eventuate, we did see very heavy rain, some flooding and low temperatures. It seems that they will last a little while more. Let's hope for a hot and dry Christmas to be spent at the beach!

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  1. How disappointing! Right now we have a wind storm, but it's to be expected in late Fall! Sorry, hope the weather clears up soon. May thanks for sharing this unexpected turn with all Seasons! Wishing you a sunny week!

  2. Just the storm before the calm!

  3. That's so strange to see because you all in AU usually have much better weather than we in NZ! The good thing is that it won't last forever.

  4. It's December, but certainly not winter weather here in Texas. Have a great summer!

  5. A hot and dry Christmas spent at the beach, rub it in why don't you!


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