Monday 30 May 2022


We've had a very wintry day today, with cold, wet weather suddenly stopping the fine golden Autumn days that we had enjoyed until now. We need the rain, so roll on Winter!

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  1. Normally I don't take out my winter clothes until 1st June, but it was a miscalculation today :( The tables in front of the 3 coffee shops were totally empty.... not a single soul in sight. Not even a puppy or seagull looking for food leftovers.

    Rain will be very welcome, but it should fall only between 10 PM and 8 AM, if you could organise it please.

  2. I hope your winter will be tolerable! I am in the opposite season--approaching summer. We had a very late snow in our spring last week.

  3. As summer approaches here in the Northern Hemisphere, I appreciate your cool-weather photos.

  4. Same here, the whole of NZ is covered in rain this week


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