Wednesday 1 March 2023


Australia sits atop one of the fastest-moving tectonic plates in the world. We move about seven centimetres north-east every year. So by 2066, we shall have moved 300 centimetres northward. Add to that effects of climate change with a warmer and possibly wetter climate in Victoria, we should be feeling positively subtropical by that time.

Victoria's current population of 6.3 million is projected to: Increase by between 1.0% and 1.7% per year, slightly higher than the average annual growth rate projected for Australia, and reach a population of between 10.1 million and 14.5 million by 2066 Most of Victoria's growth is projected to occur in Greater Melbourne. Melbourne is projected to: Increase from 77% of the state's population in 2017 to 79% in 2027 have between 5.9 million and 6.2 million by 2027; to about 11.5 million in 2066 (Australian Bureau of Statistics figure).

Here is some impressions of what Melbourne City could look like in 2066, with a bit of help from Photoshop and AI.

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  1. I'm not much of a city dweller - I'd prefer to be in a more rural setting, but I bet it will be full of lots of activities and cool events!
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