Sunday 22 July 2012


Montsalvat is an artist's colony in Eltham established in 1934, and home to over a dozen buildings set amongst richly established gardens.  The colony of Montsalvat has a detailed history that reflects the life of founder and artist Justus Jörgensen, his friends and family. Its buildings and gardens are stepped in the art and culture of Melbourne and its surroundings.

Architecturally Montsalvat has much in common with a simple French village in Provence with a mix of rustic architectural styles.   Justus Jörgensen was an architect and as a former student of Max Meldrum had spent many happy hours painting around Eltham. In 1934 Jörgensen purchased land and with his friends and students commenced the buildings that became Montsalvat, 26kms from Melbourne.

More photos of Montsalvat can be found on my other photoblog here.

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Here is the first movement of Pergolesi's "Stabat Mater". Pergolesi was commisioned in 1734 by the Cavalieri della Vergine dei Dolori to write a new Stabat Mater to replace the now unfashionable one written by Alessandro Scarlatti for the Cavalieri. Pergolesi finished it only a few days before his death. The Stabat Mater became famous throughout Europe and became a symbol of the perfection and universality of the Italian style.


  1. Lovely old church and beautiful music, Nick, perfect for my Sunday morning! Wonderful captures! Hope you've had a good weekend!

  2. Hi,

    Wow what a beautiful church! Great photos!

    Visiting from Spiritual Sundays.


  3. How utterly beautiful! Structure and music - just a wonderful way to spend some time. Thank you!

  4. How very interesting a journey. Thank you very much. Really impressed. Please have a good new week ahead.

  5. I do like the way you have photographed the chapel. Nice lines Nick. I haven't been to Montsalvat in years. Time for a revisit.

  6. Very beautiful and interesting. Thank you for sharing.


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