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Walter Albert Lindrum, OBE (29 August 1898 – 30 July 1960), often known as Wally Lindrum, was an Australian professional player of English billiards who held the World Professional Billiards Championship from 1933 until his retirement in 1950. He was named Walter Albert to have the initials of the state where he was born - W.A. (Western Australia). He was one of the most successful players ever seen in billiards, with 57 world records to his credit, some of which still stand. Lindrum is also considered amongst Australia's all-time greatest sportspeople.

In 1981 Lindrum was honoured on a postage stamp issued by Australia Post, which featured a caricature of him by famed artist Tony Rafty. Lindrum was inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame and the Western Australia Sporting Hall of Champions in 1985. His house in Melbourne at 158 Kerferd Road, Albert Park, is noted for its historical association with him by the Port Phillip Council.

In Melbourne, the Hotel Lindrum on Flinders Street has incorporated much memorabilia associated with Walter Lindrum. The building formerly housed the Lindrum's Billiard Centre run by Walter's niece, Dolly. One of the original tables from the Billiard Centre has been fully restored there by the original manufacturing company. In April 2009, the Hotel Lindrum hosted the Capital Cup, a billiards tournament that, on its 10th Anniversary, honoured the life and history of Walter Lindrum.

On 30 July 1960, at the age of 61, Walter Lindrum suddenly became ill and died while on holiday in Surfers Paradise, Queensland. The cause of death was officially listed as heart failure, but it has alternatively been suggested that he died as a result of food poisoning from a steak and kidney pie. His body was returned to Melbourne, and he was given a state funeral attended by 1,500 people. He was buried at Melbourne General Cemetery, with champion cyclist Sir Hubert Opperman raising the funds for a distinctive monument consisting of a billiards table, complete with balls and cue; more than fifty years after his death the site reportedly remains the most visited grave in this substantial cemetery.

It has been proposed to have a large collection of Lindrum memorabilia including personal and professional effects, newspaper clippings, diagrams of his shots, letters, and photographs moved to a special display in Australia's National Sports Museum.

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  1. Now that sure is a symbolic/appropriate grave. Is this at Melbourne General Cemetery?

  2. Wow! This grave certainly reflects all that Walter Lindrum represented in the public arena! Rather odd wording for a grave on the smaller plaque at the bottom. Some may find that a little disrespectful to others. Wonder who may have written/placed that?

  3. Sorry, but I had to laugh about the food poisoning. I thought he had done a Phar Lap on us. I had to cringe about the WA thing. Why are they LIKE that!

    As for the memorial and its design, it really is a smidge OTT, don't you think? It is like a butcher putting a string of snags around his tombstone. Although, I fully expect Warnie to have his finger holds memorialised upon his demise.

    What ethnic background was he from, do you know? The name sounds vaguely Scandinavian.

  4. That is a cool and unusual grave. I love exploring cemeteries and finding unusual graves like this one! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What an interesting post and an unusual grave, Nick! You do find the best things to photograph and post! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I like his grave, so unusual but so appropriate.

  7. Cool - if a grave can be cool!

  8. What a fabulous monument! Interesting post!

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  9. Interesting history indeed. Can't even remember when last I played. Must be decades. Please have a good Wednesday.

  10. He does rather like seeing his name in print, doesn't he! I agree, this does look a bit OTT and a bit out of scale with the surrounding ones.

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  12. funny grave. but hmm.... like hes strapped to that pool table. nah. not for me.
    like a dutch person being buried underneath a huge bike, because she loved biking so much...

  13. I doubt Mr Lindrum himself had any say in the appearance of the grave


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