Sunday 1 July 2012


Our Lady of Lebanon, also known as Notre Dame du Liban, is a Marian shrine and a pilgrimage site, honouring the patron saint of the Mediterranean country of Lebanon. The Lebanese Christians as well as the Druze and Muslims have a special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Maronite Patriarch of Antioch named her the "Queen of Lebanon" in 1908 upon completion of the shrine. Overlooking the bay of Jounieh, the shrine has become a major tourist attraction where tourists take the gondola lift, the Téléphérique, from the city of Jounieh to Harissa.

All around the world numerous churches, schools, and shrines now exist and are dedicated to Our Lady of Lebanon. Melbourne is no exception, especially so because of its sizeable Lebanese community. The church illustrated in these photos is dedicated to Our Lady of Lebanon and is a Maronite Catholic Church, celebrating the Eastern Rite. It is located on Normanby Ave, Thornbury, in a light industrial area.

The church seems to be of quite a utilitarian design and I have never chanced upon it open when passing by so I don't know what it's like inside. A small scale replica of the 1907 French-made, 13-ton, bronze statue of the Virgin Mary, that is erected on top of a hill, 650 meters above sea level, in the village of Harissa, 20 km north of Beirut in honour of Our Lady of Lebanon, stands besides this church in Thornbury.

This post is part of the Sunday Psalm meme hosted by Robert and Louis,
and it is also part of Charlotte's Spiritual Sunday meme.

Here is a beautiful Ave Maria by Hildegard von Bingen, performed by the group "La Reverdie".


  1. Interesting building, modern looking with a nod to older history.

  2. Very interesting building - not necessarily looking like a church at first glance.

  3. Wonderful where alike is possible.

    Thank you for teaching me something that I did not know before. Made me wonder whether there's anything alike over here for Muslims. Please have a good new month ahead.

    (PsalmChallenge will continue after its summer break from September 2nd on with the 69th.)

  4. An interesting building - not "churchy" at that statue!

  5. Fascinating post, Nick.

    Robert (Daily Athens) has put the Sunday Psalm on hold until September.
    However, «Louis» will continue the meme next Sunday, starting with Psalm 1.
    Robert will resume in September with Psalm 69 at which time «Louis» will resume the cycle established by Robert.


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