Tuesday 31 July 2012


St Augustine's Catholic Church at 631-651 Bourke Street in the City, was built 1869-1870. The church is set back approximately 20 metres from Bourke Street frontage constructed in decorated Neo-Gothic style of axed bluestone with sandstone dressings. The entrance has Malmsbury stone and is surmounted by a crocketed gable. The exterior has the appearance of a triple nave with the gabled roofs of the aisles and nave springing from the same level. The tower with caps and finials in cut bluestone is the most prominent feature of the Bourke Street frontage . In the interior, the central nave is separated by the aisles with cast iron columns with moulded ribs and the arched cast iron spandrels are filled with ornamental scroll patterns. Above these spandrels an open ivy pattern frieze extends the entire length of the nave on either side. The timber ceiling and closely spaced timber trusses are varnished. The windows include stained glass.

Some intriguing features of the church grounds include several memorials: The anchor, in memory of the Catholic Port Chaplains and volunteers, a pietá in memory of Con Sullivan and two memorial plates one again for Con (Cornelius) Sullivan and one for his wife, Elaine. Besides the strong Irish connection (Sullivan, Ryan and County Kerry) there is no other indication of who these people were and trawling the web didn't seem to help. There was nobody around to ask so next time I am in the area, I shall try to find someone who knows the story!

This post is part of Julie's Taphophile Tragics meme.


  1. You posted not only lovely photos but wonderful historical and architectural information.

  2. What is one very beautiful church!

    Beneath Thy Feet

  3. Lovely captures of a beautiful place and church! Hope your week is going well, Nick!

  4. This is something I see everyday. Beautiful on your capture

    Thanks for the information that I never really bothered to read physically passing the spot


  5. Your detail is always appreciated, Nick! Now I am curious about Con Sullivan...hope you can find out next time and let us know! Love the photos of that church - just beautiful!

  6. I agree with Sylvia, these are wonderful.

  7. ah, now I do like both the inside and the outside of St Augustine's, Nick. And thank you for all that information. There is another church in the city that is made from bluestone. Is that the Catholic Cathedral? St Patricks or St Pauls ... never sure which You have posted on it before .. memory like a sieve ...

    There is a church in the inner city of Sydney that is constructed a little like the internals of St Augustine's. Think it might be the Uniting Church just up from David Jones' o Castlereagh Street. Love the iron instead of stone every so often.

    Love the info you provide. So good to read. I appreciate the detail you include and the effort you go to to provide a good thoughtful read, Nick. Thank you.

  8. I love that bluestone, and it shows up nicely with the others colours in your first picture.
    With so many recent dates, there is bound to be someone who can answer questions. hope you find them.

  9. what a small gravestones!


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