Thursday 26 July 2012


Qantas Airways Limited is the flag carrier of Australia. The name was originally "QANTAS", an acronym for "Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services". Nicknamed "The Flying Kangaroo", the airline is based in Sydney, New South Wales, with its main hub at Sydney Airport. It is Australia's largest airline, the oldest continuously operated airline in the world and the second oldest in the world overall. Qantas headquarters are located in the Qantas Centre in the Mascot suburb of the City of Botany Bay. Qantas still retains a 65% share of the Australian domestic market and carries 18.7% of all passengers travelling in and out of Australia.

I was in Sydney for work and only returned late tonight, but had the opportunity to take a few photos from the plane. Most of them turned really bad because of the darkness and the motion of the plane, however, I give you two. The first as we were approaching Melbourne Airport to land, and the second after we landed, waiting for the doors to open. The Qantas logo of course features the "Flying Kangaroo".

This post is part of Lesley's Signs, Signs meme.


  1. Love that first shot.

  2. I agree with ladyfi, love the first shot! I particularly enjoy seeing cities at night when I'm on a plane! This is a perfect example of why! Have a great weekend, Nick!

  3. hope you enjoyed the flight! I hear they have a very good reputation.

  4. That first shot is gorgeous! I love arriving at night on a plane because of the lights!

  5. Always two hands of air beneath its wings.

    Please have a good Friday.

  6. I love the first shot too!
    the green color is pretty

  7. The Flying Kangaroo logo is such an icon. I hope we never lose it.


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