Monday 21 October 2013


The renowned Spanish deli “Casa Iberica”, which since 1975 has been a fixture of Melbourne’s “Spanish Quarter” in Fitzroy,  has opened a second store in Melbourne’s north-eastern inner suburb of Alphington. Owners Paulo and Mericia Da Silva are now supplying the locals with Spanish, Portuguese, Mexican and South American products.

The shop’s tall shelves are neatly stacked with jars of dulce de leche and pickled jalapenos, packets of Mexican hot chocolate, tins of smoky Los Novios paprika and bottles of hot sauce with labels alluding to their after-effects. Arepas (corn flatbread) and tortillas, cheese, chorizo, jamon and salami fill the fridges, the smallgoods packaged for self-service, rather than cut to order.

Street art with Iberian and Mexican themes brightens the double-fronted façade of thenew premises, a combination of shop, smallgoods kitchen and warehouse in a quiet back street of Alphington. Casa Iberica Deli, is located at 154-156 Fulham Road, Alphington, is open 9.30am-4pm Tuesday to Saturday. Tel 9497 2107.

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  1. I can't decide which I like more the cacti or the chorizo characters with all the dramatic expressions!

  2. What a great sense of humor the owners must have! I enjoyed seeing these murals. Great imagination too.

    Happy Blue Monday, Nick!

  3. What a wonderful colourful collection of photos. You are showing Melbourne's vibrant multiculturalism off to it's best again Nick - Love it!

  4. Gee whiz what a vibrant collection Nick. My favourite is the lady with the red and white polkadot scarfe.

  5. My goodness what a unique area, a just a surprise in Melbourne. I adore the red and white polka dot bandana--great art. All very talented.

  6. Oh my...these colours just hit you in the eye Nick,
    What a fantastic insight into Melbourne's street art scene.
    I'll have to make sure my son sees these because he used to love them.
    There's obviously some very talented artists at work here.
    Thanks so much for giving me a Melbourne reminder once again ;D

    Have a great day and keep safe...we're hearing all about the bush fires over here and my heart goes out to everyone affected.


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