Saturday 26 October 2013


The Morell Bridge is a bridge over the Yarra River in South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia. Completed in 1899 by John Monash and J. T. N. Anderson, it is notable for being the first bridge in Victoria to be built using reinforced concrete.

It features decorations on the three arch spans, including large dragon motifs and ornamental Victorian lights. The gutters on the bridge are cobbled bluestone, with a single lane bitumen strip running down the middle. The Bridge is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

Originally known as the Anderson Street bridge, it was named the Morell Bridge in 1936 after Sir Stephen Morell who was a prominent Victorian businessman and Lord Mayor of Melbourne between 1926 and 1928.

On June 7, 1998 the bridge was closed to motor vehicles as part of the CityLink project. It is currently used by cyclist and pedestrian traffic, connecting the Royal Botanic Gardens to the Olympic Park precinct.

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  1. I think it is wonderful the city closed it to vehicle traffic. I wish we would do more of that here in this country, The canal/river boat going down the river is so romantic, and the light on the rippled water in the last shot is stunning,

  2. Pretty amazing scenery...the shots were so clear and really captivate the underlying beauty behind...

  3. I too wish we were more pedestrian friendly in our city!! Gorgeous photos!

  4. Oh how romantic a ride would be and the reflections are so clear picture perfect all and calm the river. .

    We have a short river in the town I show my pictures too bad it was not longer. It would be great to have what you have shown.

    That is something the cars are not to use it. That is real nice that is a City Link project. Wow! . I wonder were they detoured

    them as this looks like a big city.

    Our town in next town from me. Is a village that needs to be used on daily paces. Banks, stores. And our bridge is not a big

    one like your showing. .

  5. The river is beautiful. I'd love to take a walk along it.

  6. That would be a fun boat tour.

  7. Beautiful is your refection photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  8. A fine series of photos, Nick, and a most welcome contribution to Sunday Bridges! «Louis» likes the way you give the context of the photos. It makes it more real for those of us who may not be able to actually visit the scene.

  9. Beautiful bridge and surrounding park. :-)


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