Monday 14 October 2013


Hosier Lane is a bluestone cobbled vehicular and pedestrian laneway on the southern edge of the central city grid of Melbourne, Australia. Hosier Lane is a much celebrated landmark in Melbourne mainly due to its sophisticated urban art.

Hosier Lane lies opposite the entrance to the Atrium at Federation Square on Flinders St, a prominent position in the city.The lane has been noted for the quality and the often political nature of its art It features in the state-sponsored book "The Melbourne Design Guide" and in Tourism Victoria's "Lose Yourself in Melbourne" advertising campaign, leading to questions about the dichotomy of Victoria's approach to graffiti. The graffiti-covered walls and art-installations have become a popular backdrop for fashion and wedding photography.

This post is part of the Monday Murals meme,
and also part of the Blue Monday meme.


  1. What a fascinating street!

    Thanks for playing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Nick.

  2. I'd love to tour that lane one day!

  3. Fascinating post and love the mural photography ~ great job ! Thanks, carol (A Creative Harbor)

  4. An ever changing kaleidoscope of art.

  5. I love that last shot of the wonderful portrait!

  6. As a frequent visitor to Hossier Lane, these photos don't look to me as taken on 14/10/2013. The artworks are old ones except may be for photo #4.


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