Friday 19 February 2016


We have been through a week of very mild temperatures, showers and quite cool nights. The garden is showing already signs of decline and the first yellow leaves have started to appear. It all tarts to look quite autumnal all of the sudden! And this is only February (equivalent to August for all you Northern Hemisphere dwellers)...

Nevertheless, the sun does manage to peep through now and then and it always nice to enjoy the sunshine - especially at the Yarra Valley, after tasting some nice wine!

This post is part of the Skywatch Friday meme,
and also part of the Friday Greens meme.


  1. Well of course you are enjoying the unseasonably cool weather. I would too if I was in the Yarra Valley, sitting outside a winery and tasting their wine :)

  2. What a beautiful spot. The sun coming thru the leaves on the trees is so pretty. You may be having an early autumn, but we sure are not having an early spring. We have more snow in the forecast for the first of the week. I am so tired of it. Wish I was in Australia :-)

  3. Yes...Autumn does seem to be early...So many trees at school and here at home already are turning and even shedding their leaves... Meanwhile, along the roadside, there are some stubborn wattles that have decided to re-bloom...It's all weird...The light and shadow in the first photo is magical...


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