Sunday 14 February 2016


It's still not unusual in Melbourne to walk by a house in the suburbs and suddenly hear a cock crow, or the clucking of chickens. Some people have hens in a coop in the backyard, or some more adventurous, greener souls allow them free range in the front yard...

This post is part of the Saturday Critters meme,
and also part of the Camera Critters meme.


  1. Hello, I love the chickens. Great closeups. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week!

  2. Great chook shots Nick. A life time ago, when my daughter was small, we had two chooks; a black one named "Scrambled" and a white one named "Poached". Sadly Scrambled met her demise when, to our dismay, an urban fox took a liking to her. Not wanting to distress our daughter we raced out that day for a replacement but there were no black chooks to be found. We settled for a white one. When my daughter ventured down to the coop she noticed we now had two white chooks. We quickly explained that Scrambled had been the hair dressers and had her feathers died white! Our daughter looked puzzled, just for a moment, and then when on with the rest of her day.


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