Thursday 4 February 2016


In 1976 the State of Victoria in Australia (of which Melbourne is the capital city) became known as the "Garden State". It was suggested then that our state should be the perfect site for a public Rose Garden, given also that our climate was favourable. In 1980 approval was given. In 1986 the garden was finally opened in Werribee.

In 1993 after a public appeal, the supporters group was formed to help maintain the garden even though the Garden is part of Parks Victoria. All of the work pertaining to the Roses is done by volunteers. This is the largest Public Rose Garden in Australia and the only non-European garden to receive a Garden Of Excellence Award from the World Federation of Rose Societies.

The Garden is spread over 4.75 hectares and contains 6000 rose bushes of all types. 120 volunteers work on average 7000 hrs per year to keep the roses blooming for the visitors' enjoyment.

The 'Mariandel' floribunda rose was bred by W. Kordes Söhne in 1985. It carries medium sized, full, dark red flowers, which are self-cleaning. The initial growth of the foliage is dark red maturing to glossy dark green. It is a compact variety of medium height (50 - 80 cm). It is a good bedding rose with 5-6 plants per square metre, planting distance, 40 - 45 cm.

This rose is only slightly fragrant and is moderately resistant to mildew and only slightly resistant to black spot, so it may require some care to keep it healthy. However, it is very hardy and will grow very happily in temperate climates making for a fantastic display of remontant blooms.

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  1. Gotta love a place with a state rose garden!! Beautiful.

  2. Mariandel magnificence Nick!

  3. What a beautiful place to visit with all of those gorgeous roses. I can just smell them right now. These reds are out of this world.


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