Sunday 13 December 2020


Now that the Melbourne Lockdown is essentially over, life has returned to the "COVID-Normal" level, with most open air activities being free to take place. After many many weeks of being closed, the Coburg Drive-In Trash and Treasure Market has opened and has attracted large numbers of people who are after bargains and Christmas shopping... We visited the market this Sunday and like most sensible people had our face masks on and took the necessary precautions with hand sanitisers, etc. Always fun to have a wander around here, and even if one buys nothing, the people-watching is worth the trip.

This post is part of the My Sunday Best meme.

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  1. It's winter here now and we're getting a tough lockdown from next Wednesday!
    It's really bad here in Germany and you can be happy if you survive this time well.
    You already seem to be looking up again.
    Let's hope the best.
    Stay safe and healthy.
    best regards


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