Tuesday 1 December 2020


Now that our lockdown No 2 is over and restrictions have been minimised in Victoria after 30+ days of no community transmitted cases of COVID-19, things are beginning to go back to "normal" in our city. Melbourne is coming back to life and people look cheerier, the roads are full of traffic, shopping centres are full of shoppers, public transport is beginning to fill up and caf├ęs, restaurants and public venues are beginning to reawaken. The "Marvellous" is coming back to Melbourne...

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  1. so glad for you. We are in week 2 of lockdown 2.0 and people are getting very angry. For me, I'm fine with it. I would like to be out and about enjoying the city and the upcoming holiday season, but so be it. I am sorry that all the outdoor Xmas markets have been closed, I was looking forward as these retailers have been hurting and put a lot of work into their outdoor dining areas (indoor dining has been almost non-existent since March except for a brief period).

  2. We are entering week four of lockdown and likely will be heading into Christmas in lockdown in Greece. We are tired of it but terrified of the lack of ICU beds and increasing numbers of cases and deaths from it. Life in a pandemic will long be remembered by those of us lucky enough to survive it!

  3. Indeed, we have lockdown 2 too... it seems necessary.

    Stay healthy and well

  4. So glad to hear - it is a huge load of stress off up here at the moment - but I just read about scotland so we still have to be careful and not get too careless!

  5. Toronto is in its second lockdown now, which was overdue and not as strict as the first one. Too many people are selfish, inconsiderate, and have an invincibility complex.

    Great photos, and stay safe! :)

  6. That's wonderful. We aren't doing that well in the States, although Virginia has a lower rate of Covid than most states. Leadership has been inconsistent and many people are confused so they do as they please.

  7. It seems odd now to see people without masks. I'm NOT liking covid.
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/11/a-quick-peek-at-cedar-creek-gallery.html

  8. Your photos remind me that there's a world out there waiting to be explored...someday!


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