Sunday 10 October 2021

DAY 66

Day 66 of the COVID Lockdown N˚ 6 in Melbourne, and the natives are getting more and more restless. The clashes of vaxxers and antivaxxers are taking place at all levels, in some cases becoming violent skirmishes in the so-called "freedom demonstrations". Meanwhile, the City centre itself looks eerily empty and still, devoid of people. COVID cases are increasing and the strain on the healthcare sector is being felt.

This post is part of the My Sunday Best meme


  1. Hard to believe the anti-vaccine people denial reality, and are now becoming sick and dying at a high rate. Using common sense such as an effective vaccine, and social distancing will eliminate Covid-19 as it has done for so many other deadly diseases. We are living through strange times and this pandemic will continue to have consequences for years to come. Here is wishing you the best of health.


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