Tuesday 23 November 2021


As Victoria and Melbourne approach the magic 90% COVID double vaccinated, things are getting back to near-normal, slowly... Hopefully, Christmas will be almost normal this year!

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  1. enjoy it. We also had an almost normal summer in Europe, and now some countries are re-establishing the lockdown, because of a new wave of covid. Our prime minister despite vaccines, has just caught covid. Anyway, your pictures make me dream.

  2. Love these photos! The last one looks like it must be an icon in Melbourne - such classic design.
    Thank you for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2021/11/autumn-beaty-remembered.html

  3. What a wonderful percentage. I am in a location where only 61% have one shot. Fortunately we have been proactive and have two plus a booster. We still don't take any chances. - Margy


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