Saturday 3 March 2012


"Island Wave" is a 2003 steel sculpture on concrete footing by Lisa Young. It is situated  on the roundabout at the corner of Franklin & Queen Sts in the City. Originally an illustrator of children’s books, Lisa Young has been a practising artist since the early 1990s. She completed a Master of Fine Arts at RMIT, where her research led her to explore repeated forms and the rhythms they create. These concerns are apparent in Island Wave, her first major public sculpture in Melbourne.

"Island Wave" is a large work comprising a repeated motif  of a French curve, to which she was drawn for its sensuality and its past use as a mechanical drawing aid for the technical works executed by engineers and architects. The repetition of this motif along the curve of the roundabout creates a sense of movement, particularly for the motorist travelling alongside it. It is scaled to give the sensation of both moving in rhythm to and being engulfed by a wave. "Island Wave" engages both the motorist and pedestrian, and its prominent location near Queen Victoria Market ensures that it has a local and international audience.

This elegant sculpture was created as the inaugural work for the council’s Melbourne Collection Commissions, a fund for significant and permanent site-specific works by contemporary artists. It was fabricated by Gilbro Engineering and installed by Famous Constructions. Controversially, the sculpture replaced Tom Bill’s "With and With Each Other", which despite having only a three-month permit had remained on the roundabout since the 1998 Construction in Process Sculpture Festival. "Island Wave" was launched by Lord Mayor John So and Councillor Kimberly Kitching in October 2003.

This post is part of the Weekend Reflections meme.


  1. What an awesome, elegant sculpture it is! Your captures are superb as always, Nick! And what great shadows for the day!! Took my breath away today!! Have a great weekend!


  2. That's pretty cool! Excellent shots.

  3. Lisa Young would be thrilled if she could see these Nick, you've shown her artwork off beautifully! Love the reflections and the shadows..

  4. Nice capture. The long glass display window captured the whole art piece! I really love it!

  5. Perfect roundabout sculpture. I like it.

  6. beautiful, amazing, awesome
    I think the sculpture is even more magnificent as part of one of your reflections shots
    these are incredible photos!

  7. Beautiful photos and reflections.

    Regards and best wishes

  8. Nick, you come up with some fabulous images.
    And Melbourne is a place I would love to visit.Pity it is such a distance.

  9. Great captures Nick - especially like that first one. Thanks for sharing. Happy week!


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