Wednesday 28 March 2012


Port Phillip (also commonly referred to as Port Phillip Bay or [locally] just "The Bay"), is a large bay in southern Victoria, Australia; it is the location of Melbourne. Geographically, the bay covers 1,930 square kilometres and the shore stretches roughly 264 km. Although it is extremely shallow for its size, most of the bay is navigable. The deepest portion is only 24 metres, and half the region is shallower than 8 m. The volume of the water in the bay is around 25 cubic kilometres.

We have been enjoying some very fine autumn weather with temperatures in the mid-twenties, mostly fine and sunny. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy this Indian Summer, especially around the water. In these photos we are looking out towards Port Phillip Bay from an apartment in Southbank.

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General view towards the Southwest, with the bay in the background 
View of the Harbour to the Northwest
View to the South, with Albert Park Lake in the middle distance and the bay in the back, right
View to the Southwest. Sailing in the clear blue waters...


  1. Thank you for the photographic journey through your part of the world...I will probably never get there, so it is nice to be able to enjoy it through your photos!

  2. Glad to hear about your Indian Summer. Great shots of the Bay. I have something that 'belongs' to Melbourne on my blog tomorrow.

  3. Nice city/water shots.

  4. Beautiful captures as always, Nick! I love the boats in the last shot -- they're a favorite of mine and I love to be able to capture them when I can get down to the water! Your weather sounds and looks terrific! Always enjoy the visit to your world through your photos! Thank you!!


  5. It looks like such a wonderful city!

  6. Such gorgeous views! You were in a great location to take these photos.

  7. Excellent photos ~ beautiful country ~ love the 'red sail's ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  8. Great views of a seems like thriving city! And it's nice for city dwellers to have water close by! I should know:)

  9. a town by the sea, could not be better. :)

  10. Fabulous views. I'm visiting from NF Waters.

  11. Are these tall buildings condominium? I can't see myself living here in this high tall building hehehe. ^_^ Great shots Nix thanks for sharing!

    You are invited to post your water photos here Water World Wednesday


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