Thursday 22 August 2013


We are experiencing some cold, wet, late Winter weather currently. Spring is in sight though as we are getting all of the blossoming trees and the wattle flowers out in full force. Here is some wild flowering plum.

The wild plum, or Prunus americana, is known as the American plum and is indigenous to North America. These deciduous trees grow wild in the central and eastern portions of the United States, but they have been introduced around the world. They produce a sweet fruit enjoyed by both wildlife and people. The wild plum can be grown either as a shrub with many trunks or as a tree with a single trunk.
This post is part of the Floral Friday Fotos meme.


  1. The first picture is nice and I like the setting in far background you got. The house.

  2. I love those flowers and can never get enough of them. Beautiful photos

  3. Pretty. Peter from Sunshine Coast Daily Photo has become involved at City Daily Photo. The Theme Day for September is Pink.

  4. Stunning view around there!

  5. You know Spring is almost here when you see these blossoms Nick.


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