Thursday 15 August 2013


With mosaic-tile flooring, a glass canopy and carved stone, the Block Arcade is one of the finest examples of a 19th-century shopping arcade on the planet. Connecting Collins Street to Little Collins and Elizabeth streets, the heritage shopping arcade was built between 1891 and 1893, its design modelled on Milan's grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. The boutiques and cafes taking up residence in the Block have retained the arcade’s richly decorated uniform design, ensuring a seamless shopping experience from the colour-coordinated plant holders and paintwork to the heritage lighting and translucent glass ceiling.

In late winter the floral displays are the beautiful Cymbidium orchids shown here that blend in very well with the heritage atmosphere, but also provide a rich display of living flowers that shoppers can admire in between buying goodies in the end of season sales!

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  1. I bet you have to have big dollars to shop in these stores. Oh Nelly!

    I love the outside in side of it.

    Pretty Posh. I am only a popper. I see signs 15 dollars and 40 now are they for the view fee, ha, ha or the flowers there.

  2. WOW! An elegant place to shop indeed! Wonderful captures as always, Nick! Hope your week is going well!!

  3. This is very elegant! And I love that they have kept the signs and decor uniform.

  4. It's a beautiful place. The floor is gorgeous.

  5. Gee they really have decked out the Block Arcade well Nick. Great close ups of the orchids. I believe the block arcade was modeled on the Galleria in Milan.

  6. I'm glad my memory served me correctly as I see it is confirmed in the narration to your post. Thx Nick.

  7. very up market and stylish and old-world and beautiful. Very much like Queen Victoria Building in Sydney I think

  8. So beautiful flowers .... I am just loving them... Thanks for sharing the post...

    beautiful flowers


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