Thursday 1 August 2013


Prunus mume is an Asian tree species classified in the Armeniaca section of the genus Prunus subgenus Prunus. Its common names include Chinese plum and Japanese apricot. The flower is usually called plum blossom. This distinct tree species is related to both the plum and apricot trees. Although generally referred to as a plum in English, it is more closely related to the apricot. The fruit of the tree is used in Chinese, Japanese and Korean cooking in juices, as a flavouring for alcohol, as a pickle and in sauces. It is also used in traditional medicine.The tree's flowering in late winter and early spring is highly regarded as a seasonal symbol.

This tree is flowering in our neighbourhood and the house in the first photo is a lovingly restored timber Edwardian home, a popular style in early 1900s in Melbourne.

This post is part of the Floral Friday Fotos meme.


  1. The Prunus mume has a fantastic flower.

  2. Beautiful flowering tree.

  3. How beautiful! It's somehow even more beautiful because there aren't any leaves.

  4. Wow really awesome pictures.... Beautiful photography must say... Thank you for such a beautiful and astonishing post... Melbourne Flowers

  5. So pretty! I have been trying to look for this tree in the Royal Botanic Gardens but with no luck. may i ask where did you find this tree?


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