Tuesday 26 January 2016


The lanes and arcades of Melbourne have collectively become culturally important. The Melbourne central business district's numerous lanes mostly date to the Victorian era and as a result of the original Hoddle Grid, they evolved as service laneways for horses and carts. In some parts of the city, notably Little Lonsdale area, they were associated with the city's gold rush era slums. Among the most notable are Centre Place and Degraves Lane.

Melbourne's numerous shopping arcades reached a peak of popularity in the late Victorian era and the interwar years. Among the most notable include Block Place and Royal Arcade. Some notable demolished arcades include Coles Book arcade and Queens Walk arcade. Since the 1990s, Melbourne's lanes, particularly the pedestrianised ones, have gentrified and their heritage value officially recognised as well as attracting interest from Australia and around the world. Some of the lanes, in particular have become particularly notable for their acclaimed urban art. The city has several festivals which celebrate the laneways, they are major tourist attractions and frequently feature in tourism promotions, film and television.

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  1. i love these shots of everyday life!

  2. Inside and out these shots show well just how pretty the show and dining areas are. Everything looks so clean.

  3. My, but those lanes with the bistro chairs all along look so very romantic! I would just love to take a long stroll up any one of them and stop for a cup of something warm along the way.

  4. Love these images. I really like the red door at the end of the lane in the last image. Well done.

  5. Great street photography!
    Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/01/eat-your-greens-fruity-ones.html

  6. Now I am in love! My office is next to one of your arcades photographed above, so I am there each work day! Plus I love the Victorian history of elegant shopping arcades.

    thanks for the link
    http://melbourneblogger.blogspot.com.au/2010/01/elegant-shopping-iii-melbourne-and.html and

  7. A great post on our laneways Nick

  8. This looks like Paris!!! What a charming and beautiful spot! We'll be visiting Melbourne in 2017!


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