Friday 1 January 2016


Walking along Southbank, by the river, one may admire ‘The Guardians’ outside the eastern end of Crown Entertainment Complex. These two large sculptures carved from Italian statuary marble and clad with ceramic tiles were created by, a then, local artist Simon Rigg. The square based mounting of the larger statue depicts the four elements.The smaller Guardian reveals a woman’s head looking through the hole of the larger sculpture, and hints at the source of all the images, beyond our plane of vision.

This post is part of the Skywatch Friday meme,
and also part of the Friday Greens meme.


  1. Interesting structure. Have a happy New Year.

  2. Interesting!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Italian statuary marble clad with ceramic tiles seems an unusual combination, but it worked out very well. I like the references to natural elements on the tiles.


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