Wednesday 19 September 2018


In 2007, a survey found that 35% of Australian households contain at least one person who now plays a musical instrument – a statistically similar figure to the 36% found in 2001. This proportion now equates to a rough estimate of 4.25 million people (5+ yrs) who play. Of these, about 1 million people are believed to be taking private lessons.

The most popular instrument now played, according to the survey, is the acoustic guitar (by 31% of current players). The upright piano is played by a statistically equivalent proportion. The electric guitar is currently played by about 16% of players (with some acoustic overlap) and drums by some 12%. In the 2001 study, the piano was marginally ahead – a position perhaps eroded by other digital pianos and keyboards.

Music players continue to have a young profile. It was found that 37% of all players are aged 5-17 yrs and a further 24% are aged 18-34 yrs. That is, over 60% of music players fall within the 5-34 yrs age bracket – compared to about 45% of the total population (5+ yrs). In fact, there is an increasing view towards younger exposure to music – over 40% of people think this should be before the age of one year.

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  1. I took piano for a year when I was 12. I was never good at it, but it was useful nonetheless

  2. I have a piano sitting alone in the basement. I really must get back at it and play.


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