Wednesday 28 October 2020


Today our lockdown is officially over and the first thing I wanted to do this morning was to go on a walk. No, not to the shops that had reopened, but rather to the same place that I usually went to while in lockdown. The weather was good and the invitation of the Spring sunshine was enough to make me walk in the Darebin Parklands, as usual. Everything was fresh and blooming and green and the sun felt warm, with the air fragrant. Time enough to go shopping later today, or tomorrow or next week!

The yellow flowering plants in the photo are black mustard (Brassica nigra), a common "weed", but really a useful and important plant. Its seeds after all are used to make mustard, and its young and tender shoots are used as a tasty wild green.

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  1. While looking lovely, black mustard along with other non-native mustards are highly invasive in Tennessee and we are urged to destroy them when found. Looks like you have a very lovely place to walk.

  2. That walk must have felt so good knowing you were no longer in lockdown. Best wishes for the future.

  3. So good to get out of lockdown! Here, it gets worse.
    Lovely Spring photo!

  4. I'm sure it felt great to officially be out and about! Love the photo.

    It's great to see your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week !!

  5. Pretty! Hope there's no more lockdown!
    Thanks for sharing at

  6. Beautiful spring atmosphere. It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to gardening where you can share about plants and flowers here at


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