Tuesday 27 October 2020


One of the things I have sorely missed during our lockdown is the inability to go to public libraries. Taking prize position amongst these institutions is the State Library of Victoria (illustrated above). This is one of my favourite haunts in the City and whenever I can I duck in, even if it just for a few minutes. Better of course to be able to spend the whole day there!

There is always something going on in there, special exhibitions, books displays, cultural events, art exhibitions, but also of course the books themselves! The great Dome Reading Room is a magnificent temple of knowledge and sitting in the midst of it, seeing all of the galleries of books around, one feels warm, content and secure. And the joy of having all those billions of printed words just screaming out to be read is beyond compare!

Tomorrow, I'll be in the City for work and guess where I shall go when I finish my work!

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  1. You're not going to the library, are you? I mean wait for meee! :) Love those events happening in big libraries. So much education and life enhancers there.


  2. Oh, I SO agree with you. We miss the library. Curbside pickup just isn't the same.

    That is a beautiful looking library. I'm sure I could spend days there, soaking it all in. :-)

  3. Our libraries have reopened but with limited facilities. When they first reopened we could only choose a bag of books which had been chosen by the librarians. I really enjoyed the lucky dip reading choice.

  4. Ours are also reopened with limited facilities. I also love poking in libraries, I never pass one without stopping.
    However, I use an e-reader and my library virtual system so I can virtually visit from home.

  5. That's quite an impressive building. Once you're able, I'd love to see photos of the interior!
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/10/beauty-and-beach.html

  6. You need a massive building to protect precious books.


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