Monday 27 August 2018


Walking in the Parklands yesterday was a joy as the sun was shining, the sky was blue, birds were singing and the flowers had bloomed. A real taste of Spring, which is round the corner...

This post is part of the Mosaic Monday meme,
and also part of the Macro Monday meme,
and also part of the Through my Lens meme,
and also part of the Seasons meme.


  1. I deleted your first link as requested. This one is a lush shot!

  2. I wonder where the path would lead me too? Lovely collage, so artistic and beautifully layered.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  3. Hi again, I deleted the first link as per your request and had a look at the link for Zuccotto which looks delish. Next time we have someone around for a meal I might well give it a go. BTW is that one of your blogs too?

  4. I enjoyed this Post for Mosaic Monday...
    Wish you a lovely Week


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