Sunday 5 August 2018


Webb Bridge (or Web Bridge) is a walkway/cycleway across the Yarra River from the southside housing developments to the northside entertainment, shopping and dining venues at the Melbourne Docklands. It's an interesting, unique-looking bridge which is part of a Melbourne public art project.

Webb Bridge was designed to represent a Koori (Australian aboriginal) eel trap. The bridge reused the remaining sections of the disused Webb Rail Bridge. But because the framework of the bridge does look like a mesh or web, the name Web Bridge may become the more common appellation.

Crossing Webb Bridge from the Yarra River southside area known as Yarra's Edge brings you to Docklands Park on the north side and thence to Victoria Harbour Promenade, Harbour Esplanade with Docklands Stadium on the right, and on to NewQuay and Waterfront City on the north side of Victoria Harbour.

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  1. What a unique looking structure. Love the light beaming through

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  2. What a fabulous bridge



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