Friday 23 December 2011


The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH), located in Parkville, an inner suburb of Melbourne is one of Australia’s leading public hospitals. It is a major teaching hospital for tertiary health care with a reputation in clinical research. Established in 1848 as the Melbourne Hospital, it was one of Melbourne's leading hospitals. Originally located on the corner of Swanston and Lonsdale Streets, Melbourne, in 1935 the hospital was renamed the Royal Melbourne Hospital and, in 1944 it moved to Grattan Street, Parkville by provision of lands in the Royal Melbourne Hospital Act. Since 1944 numerous other buildings have been added to the complex, making it one of the largest and most respected hospitals in Australasia.

I spent a lot of my time at University of Melbourne across the road and also in the RMH during my education and training so it is very familiar to me. In the last couple of weeks I have had occasion to visit the hospital several times and these views are taken from the Eastern wing looking across to the West. The RMH buildings are certainly utilitarian and look dated, but the interior has been renovated extensively to provide top-level medical and surgical care.

Perhaps it is worthwhile remembering while celebrating the Festive Season that many people are in hospitals all over the world, gravely ill, some of whom may not see another Christmas. Looking at the sunset through that hospital window certainly reminded me of that...

This post is part of the Skywatch Friday meme. It is also part of the Whimsical Windows, Delirious Doors! meme.


  1. Nice skewed view of the sunset. But you are right -it cannot be a pleasant place to spend Christmas.

  2. A lovely slant on the evening clouds.
    We none of us know how little time we have left so it is always good to remember and pray for those who are afraid to die. I have been ready to go for many years, although I love being here with all the wonders of nature to enjoy, many are afraid of death and for those I pray.

  3. Marvelous captures and I do love the colors of the clouds in the second shot and what terrific composition! Your are right, however, about a hospital being a lonely place and particularly at this time of year. Nature's beauty can be so soothing and that is a good thing for all of us to remember. Wishing you a very lovely holiday season!


  4. Those windows remind me of so many buildings in Chicago, where I grew up.
    Thanks so much for participating!

  5. The second photo is so poignant and the odd perspective echoes your words so well….. So many people lying sick in hospital with the only consolation a view from the window like that….

  6. Love the sky you've captured :0) Have a nice day :0)


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