Monday 21 November 2011


Melbourne Central is a Melbourne City shopping mall just across the street from my workplace so it is a convenient place to go at lunchtime should I need something from a shop or simply to have have a look around at lunchtime. There are always some interesting photo opportunities around as well. This is one of the stands down in the basement. The yellow clock struck me as it shone out like a beacon. Mellow indeed!

This is part of the Mellow Yellow Monday meme. See more entries here.


  1. Love the clock! Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC

  2. Love the 'looking down' perspective here, Nick. Great shade of yellow, too.

  3. I know this place too. Melbourne Central has been such a successful shopping centre. I was saddened to see the departure of Borders.

  4. Now that's my size of watch, no trouble seeing that dial hey Nix!!

  5. Just letting you know that I achieved the soft focus on my last post with Picasa.

  6. Captured beautifully!

    My YELLOW, come by anytime and see.

  7. What a great clock. It is one of the best...a fine sign. We have an old fake vintage clock like this in our kitchen that blinks on and off like a neon light. Love it and I really like your post. genie

    The color yellow
    It soothes my soul and spirit
    Nature's gift to me


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