Saturday, 26 May 2012


A real winter's day here in Melbourne yesterday and today looks like another serve of the same. Cold temperatures, winds and rain. The city always becomes congested and the traffic is terrible on rainy days. Amazing what silliness some drivers are capable of in the rain - some people's brains must be water soluble!

This post is part of the Challenge Walk in the Street meme.


  1. Ah, looks like Seattle -- and not just in winter! I, too, have wondered what happens to drivers when it rains???? Your photos are terrific, Nick, and they do capture the feel of winter and cold! Have a great weekend in spite of the cold and rain!!


  2. Here in Denmark it is summer and for the moment we have a wonderfuld weather, sunny and warm...Neat captures...;-D

  3. Hi Nick,
    Yes, the full-packed commuter buses and tranis are terrible in the rain.
    Now here in Osaka we enjoy the comfy weather now, but soon hot and humid summer will soon come.

  4. I am not a fan of rain, even though I know it is necessary. I just hate to be out in it! I loved the comment about water-soluble brains - I think you may have something there!

  5. A study in umbrellas. :) We have finished with that sort of weather for a little while. We do need some rain here, though.

  6. That sure doesn't look like winter to me! No snow or ice. ;-))

  7. belles photos, j'aime les photos de rue sous la pluie, surtout la deuxieme avec les reflets dans la pluie

    Merci d'avoir participer au challenge "Walk In The Street Photography"


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