Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Looking towards the west from Princes Bridge, one of the prime gateways into the City of Melbourne, one catches great views of Southbank to the left and the City Skyline and Flinders St Station on the right. There is also the arch of the pedestrian bridge linking the two banks of the river between the City and Southbank.

The lights on the bridge are ornately Victorian and are emblazoned with the City of Melbourne Coat of Arms,  also known as the armorial bearings, which is the official symbol of the City of Melbourne, Australia. They were granted to the Corporation of the City by Letters Patent on 30 January 1940:

On a silver shield, a red cross (the cross of St George) with a narrow red bar is adjacent and parallel with each side of the cross. On the central part of the cross is a Royal Crown.
And in the four quarters, there are:
The top left corner (first quarter), there is a fleece hanging from a red ring.
The top right corner (second quarter), there is a black bull standing on a hillock.
The lower left corner (third quarter), there is a spouting whale swimming in the sea.
The lower left corner (forth quarter), There is a three-masted ship in full-sail.
Above the shield is the iron helmet with red and silver mantling and above the helmet there is the silver and red wreath, and on the wreath there is a gold mural crown, which is a symbol of municipal government. Out of the mural crown rises the upper half of a kangaroo, facing the left side of the shield and looking backwards over its shoulder.
A scroll below the arms reads ‘Vires Acquirit Eundo’ which translates as ‘We gather strength as we go’.

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  1. Gorgeous lamp posts, but the bridge is just stunning. What a beautiful piece of architecture.

  2. Beautiful colorful shield, but I just love that bridge over the beautiful water.

  3. Another set of superb captures, Nick, of such a beautiful and impressive city! I do love the bridge and the water! The buildings are pretty awesome, too and so are the lamp posts! And thanks, as always, for the information you include! Enjoy your day!


  4. I love that pedestrian bridge! Lovely views of your fair city!

  5. Awesome shots. I would love to visit there one day.

  6. Impressive design and structures. Very beautiful place Nix.

  7. your photos always look magical! the composition is really great.
    what brilliant structures!

  8. Imressive structure, Nick. I've never seen this kind of bridge.

  9. Beautiful series of shots.

  10. Love the coat of arms. Looks like another great part of the city! I like the modern buildings.

  11. outstanding piece of art, the entry as well.

    (On a side note, various German sources, already speak about the exit of Greece of the Eurozone during upcoming months ...)

    Please have a good Thursday.

  12. These photos is clean and crisp love it Nix! Thanks for linking Water World Wedneseday


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